March Madness for Investors and Investor backed companies…

Planning, preparation, diligence, expert opinions, execution, management, responding to situations that arise, aspiration, success, disappointment, taking advantage of opportunities, missing shots, winning, losing, bracket busters.

Not only were these the activities and emotions of the Big Dance and this past weekend, but they seem to be the daily experiences of investors and portfolio companies as they wind their way to exits and great returns. Add to that a more global geo-political overlay that while few can agree on the prospects for our global political or economic environment, we can all agree that turbulence, uncertainty, economic incongruities are combining  to make it a challenging time to be an investor or an operator.  Clearly, some organization’s challenges, will represent opportunities for others. The business environment is complex- but the complexity is not arising from keeping track of details- but rather the dynamic nature of the environment in which we are all operating.

PMCC VENTURES intent is to help its clients improve the business of their business and win the game.  Our focus is to work with our clients to ensure that the business operates effectively and efficiently and creates value- so that the organization can focus on its core purpose of serving its constituencies, markets and customers.

We have significant experience working with investors and their portfolio companies.  We serve portfolio companies of all sizes and across their life cycles.  Our industry experience is broad and deep, and it seems that our diverse industry experience enables us to clearly understand the intersections of industries- which is typically where marketing, sales and supply chain strategies, practices and processes are most important.

Our experience covers most every industry and business practice and process.  We have more than 35 years of experience working with clients to help them improve the business of their business.

Some of our clients engage us to help them “move their operations up to the top level”.  Others engage us because they are attempting to cope with significant change in their industry or business.  Some clients engage us because they are facing dire circumstances.

In all instances, our aim is to help our clients thrive and not just survive.  All of our work is done in the context of strategy and the organization’s capability and capacity for change.

Clients hire us to serve in different roles ranging from individual or team coaching to consulting assignments with specific scopes and expected outcomes to interim leadership roles which combines day to day operating responsibilities with the other roles.


The following links provide more insight about our services for investors and portfolio companies:

Background on PMCC Ventures

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Industries we serve 

Services to Investors and their portfolio companies

Selected Client engagement summaries

Contact Pat McCormick:


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