Neumann Goretti is on the uptick and needs great leaders to sustain it

Saints Neumann Goretti High School in South Philadelphia is the scene of an amazing and comprehensive turnaround.  Over the past two years led by a talented and seasoned business executive, freshman enrollment has increased from 83 to 125 and has a goal of 145 for this upcoming school year.  Comprehensive student testing following the MAP regime has shown steady improvement and both student and faculty climate surveys show a dramatic enhancement.

Like other Archdiocesan High Schools in Philadelphia, Neumann Goretti is overseen by the Faith in the Future(“FIF”) Organization, alongside the Archdiocesan leadership.  FIF has pledged to work with schools to plan and deliver significant change and performance improvement rather than opting for consolidation- which really does nothing other than hopefully improve economics.  Neumann Goretti has received significant third party grants and investment, which has enabled the beginnings of the academic and overall climate improvement, by enabling Neumann Goretti to hire resources necessary to help architect and implement the required fundamental changes.

In the beginning of the transformation process, school leadership along with the Board set 5 Operating principles to guide  thinking and work:

  • Increase and improve enrollment- now!
  • Upgrade academic standards and delivery- now and as foundation to the future
  • Development and Advocacy need to be intensified
  • Facilities- have to be upgraded
  • Reputation and image needs to be enhanced in the short term and long term

Happily- and as a result of the smart and hard work undertaken by leadership and the faculty and staff, we are hitting strong on all of these points.

Recently, our President has decided he wants to retire from education work.  He has done a wonderful job architecting and launching a change process that is solid and is working, but has decided it is time to turn to another chapter in his life.

As a result, we are in the process of selecting a new leader for these efforts.  If you are, or know of someone looking to make a real difference in thousands of young adults’ lives, I would love to discuss this.

The link below describes what we hope to find as qualities and experiences of this person.

Pass it on.  You will be providing a great favor to a lot of good people.  Thank You

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