Turnaround of Community Mental Health Organization

Client Engagement Summary

Client Description:

Public mental health organization

Client Opportunity or Challenge:

Client faced a myriad of challenges including but not limited to:

  • Weak financial planning and controls capabilities
  • Paucity of operational and management information
  • Bank wanted to foreclose on debt
  • Cost structure did not match declining revenue structure
  • Funding changes due to change in government regulation
  • Weak Billing practices and collections


Interim CFO and Chief Restructuring Officer

Outcomes or Benefit:

  • Negotiated and extended debt agreements
  • Improved financial reporting with emphasis on operational reporting to discern profitable and non-profitable programs
  • Devised and executed strategies to either align program revenue and costs or to exit certain programs
  • Devised monthly performance management and accountability process to ensure that strategies were effective, being enacted and yielding intended results
  • Renegotiated leases for terminated programs without suit or extraordinary cash requirements for client
  • Agency has sold businesses, cash flow is improving and agency is poised for growth



Client names are not used because of Client privacy and Confidentiality Agreements.  Similarly, facts are cloaked to preclude people from deducing the Client name or situation.

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