Turn the challenge of C level exodus into an opportunity

What are you thinking when you must replace a C- Level Executive?

Most organizations grapple with replacing C level executives when one of the existing leaders decides to or is forced to leave.  Others, have the luxury of a bit more runway when they see either great new opportunities or significant challenges looming.  But the thinking around these three situations should likely be similar. 

When a position is vacated, or a Leadership need arises, the functional requirements of the role  are usually pretty evident.  The subject matter expertise and specific “technical skills” for the role are also generally well understood.  The tricky part is deciding what “stance” you want a new leader to hold and what experiences would help create that stance and be good for your organization to access.  and experience are important but not the only set of considerations in choosing a path forward.  This note is about the six things you should consider as you paint in the shaping experiences you hope to find in a new C level Leader. To read more: https://pmccinteractive.files.wordpress.com/2022/05/20220510-c-level-exodus-turns-into-an-opportunity.pdf

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