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It is a lot less of a gamble to run your business today like you are going to sell it tomorrow!

PMCC Ventures has bee involved in buy or sell transactions for more than 40 years. Working on both sides of deals helps us to know more about “what the other side is thinking”. Today- there are a lot of good … Continue reading

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Turn the challenge of C level exodus into an opportunity

What are you thinking when you must replace a C- Level Executive? Most organizations grapple with replacing C level executives when one of the existing leaders decides to or is forced to leave.  Others, have the luxury of a bit … Continue reading

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Nudging blockchain understanding past trading and speculation…

This is a great primer for those of us that are interested but not fully informed… and thank God for his mother…

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The Disruptors and S-Curves

Getting steeper, shorter, choppier, scarier? You decide. Your stance will help you think through how you want to address your situation. Take a read:

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Getting easier and more important to learn from the kids….

Easter weekend is over. We are back at our desks- or other improvised work spaces. The kids were all here- including the new model that is just 6 months old. It was a great weekend to learn- It was a … Continue reading

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Background information for Pat McCormick

Pat McCormick has over 40 years of diverse industry and business leadership experience. Pat is President of PMCC Ventures, a consulting and interim leadership firm, simply aimed at helping clients improve the business of their business. Pat’s experiences include multiple roles … Continue reading

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The conversation about the role of the CFO- and where she adds the most value continues- but the bottom line is that Finance counts!

Thirty some years ago, we began research on the role of the CFO and the impact of financial leadership on the performance of the enterprise.  After interviewing and reviewing more than 50 organizations and engaging thousands of CFO/Financial leaders in … Continue reading

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Changing strategies…. make sure to check the alignment

We are in a period of uncertainty on many fronts….Technological, shifting go to market options and priorities, emerging and leap frogging competitors and opportunities, just to name a few.  Many are appropriately responding to the changes by revisiting goals and … Continue reading

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Neumann Goretti is on the uptick and needs great leaders to sustain it

Saints Neumann Goretti High School in South Philadelphia is the scene of an amazing and comprehensive turnaround.  Over the past two years led by a talented and seasoned business executive, freshman enrollment has increased from 83 to 125 and has … Continue reading

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Creating enterprise value: Getting to know more and getting to no faster- Finance Business Intelligence

Yesterday we had the opportunity to work with a great group of financial and marketing leaders at a forum hosted by Waypoint Consulting and Host Analytics.  In our work we explored the value of strategic, financial and operational  information to … Continue reading

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