Creating enterprise value: Getting to know more and getting to no faster- Finance Business Intelligence

Yesterday we had the opportunity to work with a great group of financial and marketing leaders at a forum hosted by Waypoint Consulting and Host Analytics.  In our work we explored the value of strategic, financial and operational  information to increase an organization’s insight into their business and ultimately increase the wisdom of the leadership team in managing the business.

We shared our experiences with under achieving and underperforming companies.  We noted that  most all of our underachieving and underperforming clients that they suffered from a lack of good information about their business in general- and in the really challenged situations that they lacked insight into operations, customers, and in turn, markets.  And, of course, the pathway to creating value for them is to harness those insights and make smart moves to create value.

We also explored and wondered why this topic continues to be of interest today, almost 20 years after finance business intelligence came into prominence as a key distinguishing factor for financial and economic performance.  We discussed possible organizational barriers to creating more robust financial planning and control processes and how more effective financial planning and control processes coupled with relevant, reliable and readily available finance business intelligence can combine to drive significant enterprise value.  

We enjoyed the morning with a great group of leaders.  If you want to learn more, read here: 20170315 FPM-Symposium-pmccv only

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