Helping create value in underperforming and underachieving Private Equity Investments

The Best way to make money is to start by not losing it.  PMCC Ventures has worked with scores of private equity backed companies to improve performance and move from the bottom 50% of performers to the top 50%.  Our 35 years of experience span industries, company size, stages of development and  range of performance.  These individual experiences are good and interesting.  The combination of the experiences provides our clients with significant value.  We understand that underperforming is not a comfortable place for most organizations- and we know how to help stabilize the organization to enable it to execute a thoughtful and productive process to become the best it can be.

The core investment hypothesis generally revolves around finding several good business ideas and businesses and provide capital to help them become value creating sustainable businesses.  That is the straightest path to value creation.

Sometimes, companies stagger along that path.  Changes might occur in markets and industries, the company is leapfrogged by competitors, or the company just isn’t executing the way it needs to.  The bottom line is that the company slows progress and its  performance begins to deteriorate yields on investment.

Most Private equity firms plan for and build to manage the upside.  That makes sense until the arrows start pointing down.  Our approach is to support our clients dealing with downturns, and underperforming and underachieving investments.  We have the skills experiences, and track record to help clients get out of the hole and back on the path to performance and value creation.

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