The conversation about the role of the CFO- and where she adds the most value continues- but the bottom line is that Finance counts!

Thirty some years ago, we began research on the role of the CFO and the impact of financial leadership on the performance of the enterprise.  After interviewing and reviewing more than 50 organizations and engaging thousands of CFO/Financial leaders in workshops around the world, we found that there were several determinants of success.

Moreover, we found great frustration on the part of CFO’s wanting a seat at the “business management/Strategy table” and the rest of leadership questioning why they needed/should have that seat.  While that conversation continues, the accompanying link to the Visual Capitalist shows that significant progress has been made and that the conversation continues and that is a good thing.

Enjoy the link:

Meanwhile, each day, we continue to prompt the conversation and help Clients create value by  improving the business of their business

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