PMCC Ventures Transaction Support Services

PMCC Ventures been in business for over 12 years, having built on the prior 28 years’ experience – and doing what we have always done and love: Helping clients improve the business of their business.

Clients have changed, industries have changed, the starting point and nature of the assignments have changed, but a few constants remain in our work with clients to help them improve the business of their business:

  • Run the business like they will be selling it tomorrow at the best possible price. Make smart moves that create or sustain value all of the time.
  • Know more about their markets, customers and operations and apply that knowledge each and every day. Have a strong sense of inquisitiveness guided by a passion for just doing it better.
  • Really know how you make money in your business and your industry. Stretch to know more and more each day about the systems and interactions that help you create value and take all steps necessary to support and develop those capabilities.
  • Make sure that decision-making is not only fact based, but that it recognizes systemic outcomes, and connects strategic, operational and economic factors.  Communicate and discuss key understandings about the business with your team so that all understand how to best create value in the business each and every day.

We apply this thinking in all of our work for our clients.  It helps us focus and prioritize, and requires us to understand the system and interdependencies at play in each circumstance – and to not take anything for granted.

Applying Our Process to Transactional Support

As we look at the pattern of our work over the past several years- the one striking realization is that we are now employing this thinking in the more than 70% of our work that involves some sort of transaction.

  • Assisting sellers
    • Transaction Preparedness Assessments- quality of operations, strategy and results
    • Developing and implementing plans to enhance the value of the business
    • Develop and stress test business models
    • Business plan preparation
    • Sales strategies
    • Offering memorandum preparation along with road show support
    • Sales process assistance management
  • Assisting Buyers
    • Diligence
    • Deal structure formulation
    • Integration planning and integration support
    • Post-closing reviews and targeted analytical work
    • Ongoing operations support

Cross industry and cross functional experiences applied in a strategic, operational and financial context are important to our clients

We have found that working on both sides of a transaction helps us to better understand what is on the mind of the “other side”. As a result, we can anticipate many issues and challenges before they arise and deal with them “as a matter of course” in the process instead of them becoming hurdles to concluding a transaction.

Our industry and process experiences obviously help us to do our work, but more importantly, our cross-industry and cross-functional experience helps us to better understand the fit and dynamics of each business and to foresee issues that might arise that could damage a transaction – before or after the sale.  We view these matters in the interrelated context of strategy, operations and economics.

We work cooperatively and compatibly with all of the professionals to get the job done for our client in the most effective and efficient way possible.

If you are interested in a good deal that has a great chance at creating value, we are very interested in talking with you.

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