Four organization traits that enabled high performing efforts in 2019

We have pledged to share insights that we think might be useful to our friends and clients businesses and organizations.  2019 provided a lot of learning experiences and we have identified four significant traits that we think helped to distinguish high performing efforts:

  • Information, Knowledge and Action leading to capturing and sustaining value
    • They have great business intelligence- have the right information and know a lot of context about their businesses and organizations (and their competitors) and act upon that to their advantage
    • They know what drives value and have keen insights about the ingredients to the value
      • Where do you make and lose money?
      • What is growing and lagging?
      • What the leading indicators suggest might happen?
      • What are the trends emerging that have not yet settled in?
    • They think and act systemically in their analysis and response
    • They develop and act on both enduring and flexible plans to capture and sustain that value
    • The whole team knows what drives value and embeds it in their thinking and actions
  • Get the homework and hard thinking done “up front” and act proactively more than reactively
    • Think through the risk and reward in their work
    • Explicitly bring facts to the table and decision making process
    • Do diligence and ask appropriately tough questions
    • Document necessary legal agreements and cover for the “downside”- willing to spend a few more days negotiating than suffering challenges for years to follow
    • Know that it is too costly to deal with the unexpected or negative outcomes later- so they do their best to get the hard thinking and work done upfront
  • They employ the Wine/Milk; Cheese/Bread Assessment Model  for the opportunities and challenges they face:

  • Build and rely on the Team:
    • Think hard about the skills and experiences they need on the team and relentlessly pursue the right people- and don’t satisfice
    • Provide frequent and meaningful developmental experiences for their people:
      • Explicit and accountable endeavors
      • Endeavors important to the success of the organization
      • Guaranteed to shape perspectives, broaden scope and deepen skills
    • And if things are not heading in the direction they hope- See above: Wine/Milk;   Cheese/Bread Assessment Model

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