Client Engagement Summary- Private University

Client Description:

Private Faith Based University

Client Opportunity or Challenge:

  • The client has been experiencing eroding revenues and escalating costs, which were not clearly and consistently acknowledged and discussed with Board of Trustees
  • Client terminated several leaders including the President, COO/CFO
  • Client required a quick assessment of organization capacity to perform, along with recommendations to get back on track
  • Client required revised budget for upcoming fiscal year, and it had to be developed in a collaborative way
  • Client required revised debt structure to accommodate changes in business environment


Interim COO/CFO

Outcomes or Benefit:

  • Served as interim COO and CFO and instituted many remediative processes
  • Provided Board with strategic analysis of the University within the first three weeks to set the case and path for immediate change
  • Devised and launched collaborative budget process resulting in a reduction of operating budget by approximately 15%
  • Restructured existing debt arrangements
  • Identified significant risk in the Information technology area
  • Established capital monitoring for new and significant classroom building on campus
  • Evaluated sale of excess real estate assets
  • Mothballed several dormitories to reduce operating costs
  • Advised interim and incoming president on strategic and urgent matters and built and executed plan to deal with urgent maters
  • Restructured Finance and accounting organization
  • Developed cash management and forecasting capability
  • Performed analysis of outsourcing several functions, and selected several that proved to both increase service levels and reduce costs



Client names are not used because of Client privacy and Confidentiality Agreements.  Similarly, facts are cloaked to preclude people from deducing the Client name or situation.

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