Private Equity backed global business marketing firm

Client Description:

Private equity owned- Global business marketing firm

Client Opportunity or Challenge:

  • The Client is a European private equity backed company; new investors have an aggressive growth plan in mind. Within 9 months of investment, the Client acquired 3 companies in the US- its first US investments.  Since growth via acquisition was not part of the core experience of our Client, our European Affiliate, Greene 6 Partners, based in Paris was engaged to support post merger integration and assimilation.  Since the diligence period was short, many risk areas were not well understood and required post acquisition remediation.
  • Most of the existing management team was leaving the company because of the relocation of  company headquarters, hence there was a time sensitivity to dealing with issues
  • We advised on a wide range of issues including
Organization structure IT Risk
Severance Tax structure
Recruiting new employees and leaders Marketing
Cash management and forecasting Finance and accounting
Performance Management Outsourcing of key functions
Real Estate and Leases  


Consultant and advisor

Outcomes or Benefit:

  • Created due diligence and acquisition assimilation guide book for client to use in subsequent transactions
  • Devised strategy and criteria for Leasing decisions
  • Executed risk assessment as well as IT transition plan
  • Established structure for revised performance reporting including data structures
  • Provided criteria and assessed outsourcing proposals for key functions
  • Project managed issues resolution
  • Mentored interim staff
  • Served as surrogate general manager



Client names are not used because of Client privacy and Confidentiality Agreements.  Similarly, facts are cloaked to preclude people from deducing the Client name or situation.

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