Getting easier and more important to learn from the kids….

Easter weekend is over. We are back at our desks- or other improvised work spaces. The kids were all here- including the new model that is just 6 months old. It was a great weekend to learn- It was a lot of fun to see all of “the kids” interact and talk about believe it or not business… It is so rewarding for Marie and I to have a glimpse into the “new economies” and the infrastructure and capabilities that are being developed to keep the new economy moving… Meghan- Fintech and African job and economic development…Dan- DTC underwear of all things… Puja start up DTC companies and Packy….the reformed financier and now business writer… And not to mention Marie who employs more “social technology” than can be imagined in the service of getting organizations to be way better and effective than they ever imagined.

This morning, Packy published the “first year birthday” post for Not Boring- another glimpse into the mind, heart and soul of start up capitalistic sojourner…

Take a read- I am so grateful for the reads, the conversations, the challenges ( to the sixtyish year old’s business thoughts)…..

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